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Monday - How many legs subtracting

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Tuesday - How many legs? 

Maths - How many legs.mp4

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Wednesday - Repeating patterns


We are fantastic at making repeating patterns, but I want to challenge you to make them a little bit more elaborate. 

Instead of using two colours and using alternate colours like below (which are called AB patterns) can you make an ABB pattern. 


This time you still use two colours but use different amounts like below.



Now to make it even more challenging!! Instead of making the pattern in a line, can you arrange it in a circle?? Check when complete if the pattern follows and adjust if it doesn't. Is there any other combinations you could make? Maybe use 3 colours or different objects (ABC pattern). 

Can't wait to see what you make.


This is what I made...


Why not watch the Numberblocks make a pattern. Click on the link below...


Numberblocks - Pattern Palace