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Wriggle and Crawl


Do you like bugs? Have you seen a spider or a ladybird?  Perhaps you've spotted some butterflies or even some ants?   We are going to become entomologists (minibeast experts)! 

During our topic we will be going on a mini-beast hunt, finding out where snails like to live, learning how bees make honey and designing and making our own camouflaged bugs!  We can't wait!


Keep checking back here to see what we have been up to!





We found out lots of interesting facts about bees including where they live and that they make honey.  We then made our own honey sandwiches and enjoyed tasting them.  Some of us loved the taste and some of us definitely did not!


We found out all about ants!  We learnt that they live in an ant hill with thousands of other ants.  We were all amazed (including Mrs Smith), that baby ants are white and their colour changes as they grow!  We learnt that ants live in a family called a colony and that there are worker ants and a queen ant. Next we looked closely at the ants.  We found that their bodies have three parts, that they have six legs and two feelers on their head.  Our challenge was to use different materials creatively to design and make our own ant.  We had lots of fun experimenting with different materials and creating our models!


Where do snails live?

As part of our topic work we are carrying out an investigation to find out where snails live!  Firstly we talked about the places we think the snails would like to live around our school and where we might have seen them before.  Next we met our new snails and observed them closely.  Then we set our snails free in the allotment area.  Over the next week we will be going outside daily to see where the snails are choosing to live.

We looked closely at the snails and noticed their shells all had spiral shaped patterns on them.  In our art lesson we practiced making spiral shapes using the pastels.

Mini-beast Hunt

We started our topic with a mini-beast hunt!  We explored our school grounds looking carefully under the trees, in the grass, under benches and many other places. We found lots of different mini-beasts including snails, spiders, ants, flies, butterflies, woodlice and beetles!  Check out the photos of our adventures below!



Home Learning

If you would like to find out some more about minibeasts, check out the videos 'Minibeast Adventures with Jess' which are available on youtube.  You can pick your favourite bug and learn lots of fascinating facts!

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