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Use the numbers above to write out on separate pieces of paper and then use them all week to complete the Maths tasks below.


If you find that your child is struggling with the numbers to 10, work with the numbers to 5 until their number recognition and counting each item correctly is secure. If your child would like a challenge and has secure knowledge of the numbers to 10 they could continue with numbers up to 20.




Can you count to 10? What number do you say first? Can you find that number and place it in a line? Repeat until you have completed all of the numbers. Jump on a number and say what number it is.




Choose a number and tell an adult something about that number. If the children are not sure of an answer use the prompts below for suggestions.


1. Which number is it next to? Which shape has 1 side? (circle)

2. If you add one more what number would you have?

3. What shape has 3 sides? (triangle)

4. Which shapes have 4 sides? There is more than one. Talk about the shape. Does it have straight or curved sides? (rectangle, square)

5. How many points does a star have?

6. Can you use your fingers to add 3 and 3, what is the answer?

7. How many colours are in a rainbow? Can you name the colours?

8. How many arms/legs does an octopus have? What is the number 8's name? (octoblock)

9. Show me 9 using your fingers.

10. Can you write a numberbond to 10? (1+9=10, 2+8=10, 5+5=10, 3+7=10, 4+6=10)




Can you use blocks or something else small that you have in your house. Choose a number and name it, can you add that many blocks onto the number. Repeat it with the other numbers. Make sure you count a number for every block.




Choose one of the numbers and name it. Can you do some actions to match the number? Maybe you could do 4 jumps, or 4 press ups. Now choose another number, can you think of other things to do? You could clap, or touch your nose or your toes. 

Each time you do an action make sure that you only count one number for each action.

Put some pictures on Tapestry to show me all the different ways you moved.



Practice your counting with the Numberblocks click on the link to watch - I can count to 20


Today can you count things around you? It might be peas that you eat for tea or slices of banana you have. It could be how many times you brush your hair or how many steps you climb to go to bed.