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Week Beginning 13.12.21



Please watch all phonics videos everyday and practice the sounds and letter formation throughout the day. Use your green speed sounds booklet to recap the sounds after watching the video to ensure that the pronunciation and letter formation is correct.


Videos for all sounds - play one at a time and practise the sounds and writing the letters. Repeat letters that you are unsure of.



We have been practicing songs for our Nativity play. Click on the links below to listen and practice the songs when at home.


We are camels


Ten Little Angels


Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star


Click on the link below and scroll down to the last section of sessions 1-5. Watch a session a day, starting with Session 1 on Monday.


White Rose Maths - Light and Dark - Week 3

RE - this week we will be performing the Nativity story. Click on the link to watch the story. Can you retell the story? Draw pictures using the story map to help you.




The Christmas story with actions

PE - keep active whilst counting down to Christmas.

Click on the links below to find this weeks 'imoves Active Advent' videos. 


imoves Active Advent for Wednesday 8th - Tuesday 14th 


imoves Active Advent for Wednesday 15th - Saturday 25th December

Storytime-click on the link below to take you to the Video Resource Centre where there are lots of story-time videos







We have been reading the story book Stickman and the children have really enjoyed it. If you don't have the book at home why not watch the video instead. If you have a garden can you find your very own Stickman? Maybe you could try and write words from the story, think about the animals he meets.



Independent Learning Time


Christmas is getting closer, click on the link below for some Christmas craft ideas

Christmas crafts


Choose from a range of activities in your home. You might to build using Lego, what can you make and which bricks do you need. Maybe build a Nativity scene, or a Christmas tree and star.


Can you fill some containers when you are in the bath. How many cup fulls of water does it take to fill up the jug/container? Can you show the amount using your fingers too?


Practice your writing, can you write your name? Ask an adult to write the order for you to copy if you are not sure. Maybe you could write a Christmas card for someone. Say their name and think of the sounds you can hear. Use the letter formation rhymes below to help you.



Look out of your window, what is the weather today? Can you draw a picture of what you see?