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Active Ideas

St Nicholas Sports Challenges 


Follow the link below to see some amazing challenges and tutorials from the sports coaches that we work with at school! 

     Activities with a Tennis Ball     

Here are some really fun ways to get active using the tennis ball that you received in your Christmas packs from school! 


Distance throwing

How far can you throw your tennis ball? How many jumps does it take to get to where the ball landed? Can you throw it further by using a run up? 



You've heard of golf right? Well what about Throlf? 

Pick a target and throw the ball towards it. Wherever it lands that is where you take your next throw from. Keep going until you make it to your target. 

You could make it even trickier by having to avoid obstacles or go around corners! 


Bottle Bowling 

Do you have any plastic bottles? Set them up in a triangle and see if you can knock them over by rolling your tennis ball towards them. 

Strike - knocking them all over in 1 go 

Spare - knocking them over in 2 goes


Target Ball 

Set out some different targets and see if you can hit them by throwing your tennis ball. 

The targets could be leaves, pillows, stones, hoops or the skipping rope you had in your Christmas package! 


Tennis Ball Run 

Mark out a start and finish line . Players must race each other down the stretch with a tennis ball between their legs. If you drop the tennis ball you are out of the game. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.


Wall Ball

How many times can you throw your tennis ball against the wall and catch it? 

Do you want to make it harder? Try catching with 1 hand. Try alternating the hand you catch and throw with! 

Do you want to make it easier? Try letting the ball bounce after it hits the wall and then catch it. 

Skipping Rope Games 


Jump Rope/Skipping 

How many times can you skip before getting all tangled in the rope? 

Can you do any different types of skipping, like backwards or cross skip? 


The Whirlwind Challenge 

For this game you need someone in the middle who is going to spin the skipping rope round on the floor. The other players will need to jump over the skipping rope before it hits their feet!

How many times can you jump over the rope? Who will jump over it the most times in a row?


Skip Races

If you have more than one skipping rope you could have a race against each other. Pick a finish line and see who crosses it first. 

If you only have one skipping rope you can do a time trial. Pick a skipping rope and time how long it takes you to skip to it. Challenge other members of your family to beat your time, or try and beat it yourself!

Keep moving


Being active isn’t just for physical health and fitness, it’s great for your mental health too.

Try these indoor active games to get everyone’s step count up.

Or try this active workout:

And, of course, it is possible to venture outdoors on a rainy day. Just put on wellies and tell everyone it’s fun to get wet (you’ll one hundred per cent deserve that hot chocolate when you get home).




The most chill of workouts is perfect for keeping even little kids entertained. Try searching for Cosmic Yoga on YouTube (they do this Frozen yoga routine!)


Why not learn a new yoga pose each day or master a more challenging pose depending on your yoga skills? Start with this simple yoga pose.


Did you learn to Floss yet? Ok, that craze may have passed, but try using this lockdown to learn a new dance – here’s a handy tutorial video for all of the adults!



You can Check to see if you are all doing enough exercise here: