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This week we are learning that the Islamic Holy book is called the Qu'ran and  that Muslims believe the Qur’an provides guidance to follow a straight path and is the word of God.

Talk about what we have learnt already about Muslims belief in God. (One God who has different characteristics, 99 names and is the creator of the world, creator of humans.)


Set up a blindfolded path by putting some things on the floor and putting a blindfold on.  Can you walk around the obstacles or do you bump into them or stand on them?  What could help you? Ask someone to help you by guiding them through the obstacles or by giving instructions so you know where to walk.  Which was easier and why?


Explain that Muslims believe that God(Allah) wants them to live in peace and harmony and they have a special job to keep things in harmony. God wants them to follow a straight path but sometimes things (obstacles) get in the way. They need to help each other to follow the straight path.


One thing that helps Muslims follow the straight path is the holy book – Qur’an. 

Watch the video about the Qu'ran on the link below.



Discuss: How does the Qur’an help Muslims? What does it contain? (How they lead lead a good life/what they should/shouldn’t do).


Reflect together about people who provide guide or support in your lives and how they do this.