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Phonics lesson for the new sound 'er'


Look at the pictures below. Can you name the objects? Listen to the sounds in the words, can you write the corresponding letter/letters for each sound? Remember that a digraph has 2 letters for the one sound and a trigraph has 3 letters for one sound. 


Parents I have added the answer sheet because some of the pictures are tricky to work out what they are! When the children have completed the words they can then look at the answer sheet and compare to what they have written. Point out if they have missed any of the digraphs/trigraphs.





Review ai, ee, igh Phonics lesson


The following task can be completed over several days. Write the different sounds on separate pieces of paper. Then look at the pictures. Can you name the objects? What sounds can you hear? Which sound sheet do they belong to? You can draw each picture on the sheet and try to write the word using the sound mats below.






Review sounds oa, oo, ar Phonics lesson




Review sounds or, ur, oo Phonics lesson




Review sounds ow, oi, ear Phonics lesson