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During this term we will be focusing on Measure: Length and Perimeter and Fractions. 


Measure: Length and Perimeter 

During this topic we will be focusing on how to accurately measure length, converting between meters, centimeters and millimeters and comparing different lengths and units of measure. We will also learn how to add and subtract lengths, what perimeter is and hoe to measure or calculate perimeter. 


Number: Fractions 

After finishing the Length and Perimeter unit we will move on to looking at Fractions. During this unit we will understand what fractions are by looking at halves, quarters and thirds. We will also know what makes a fraction a Unit Fraction or a Non-Unit Fraction. 



Perimeter challenge

Times tables 


As we all know Times Tables are really important and having a good working knowledge of our times tables helps in nearly every aspect of Maths. 


We are incredibly lucky to be in a position that every child has a TTRockstars log in. This is a fun, engaging way to practice your times tables and everyone should be utilising this. If you do not know your log in please let us know ASAP so we can give you another copy of it.



4 Times Table Song - Percy Parker

4 x table