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Our Church School Values

Summer 2 - Responsibility




This term our Collective Worship theme will be responsibility and being responsible. We will be exploring how Christians believe we all have a shared responsibility to look after and safeguard all of God's creations, especially each other and the Earth. Our Bible story for the term is the Parable of the Talents, a story in which Jesus teaches people about not wasting their God given talents and to use them responsibly.

Please watch the video below to find out more.  

Parable of the Talents

Summer 1 - Love




Our collective worship value for Summer 1 is Love. We will be exploring the meaning of love and how scripture underpins the teachings of love in the Christian faith. During this terms worship, Year 6 will be able to reflect on their first RE topic of the year, 'Is God loving and holy?' 


Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love (Corinthians 13:13)

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Spring 2 - Justice





Our collective worship value for Spring 2 is justice. This term we will be focusing on what the word justice means and how Christians believe justice is maintained in the world.


As God is loving and just, we must live in his love and light.  


What does justice mean to you?




Watch the video and retell the story of Moses on the storyboard below


Spring 1 - Forgiveness




Our collective worship value for Spring 1 is forgiveness. During this term, we will be exploring what forgiveness really means to Christians and how forgiveness can create peace and harmony, both at school and around the world.


Have you ever done something you have needed to ask forgiveness for?

Can you forgive others that are truly sorry for what they have done?





Our Bible Story

Autumn 2 - Peace

Our school collective worship theme this term is peace. Over the course of this term we will be looking at what peace really means in Christianity and to different people from around the world.


Peace is much more than just a word and is a concept both adults and children are given rich opportunities to develop throughout their time at St Nicholas. 


What does peace look like to you?

David tries to make peace with King Saul

Autumn 1 - Family



This term our school collective worship value is family. Over the course of this term we will be looking at what family means to different people and how families support and care for each other, providing the supportive environment needed for our children to grow and flourish in all areas of their life, allowing them to shine their light far and wide.


I wonder how you could show your family love this term.