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During Maths this term we are going to be learning about; Money, Length and Perimeter and Statistics. 

Have a look at some of our learning below. 

We have now moved onto learning all about length! We have been looking at using a ruler accurately, making sure we start at the 0cm mark and not the start of the ruler and then counting the full cms and the mms. 


We have also looked at the relationship between m and cm and have been converting between the two measurements. 

Today we moved on from adding with money to subtracting with money! We started by physically using the coins to represent the take away. This meant we had to use our knowledge of the coins too to make the amounts! We then moved onto trying to work out the subtraction with a more formal method.
Over the last few days we have been solving money problems and converting between Pounds and Pence. 
Today we started our Money topic off with a money hunt! We had to find different coins and identify them and how much they were worth. We also had to order some coins too!