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Family Fun activities

In school the children are able to access this resource to support them to verbalise or show their emotions. There are some great mindfulness activities on their page, just click the icon above to have a look.

Big life journal Rip off a strip activities



 Fun Activities for families to do together at home:-


Click the logo's below to access the sites where you will find exciting activities to do as a family and if you look hard you might even see some Goshawks in the New Forest !


Lots of ideas to get your children writing and drawing at home



Have you ever seen a Goshawk live in their nest ?

Well, click below for that and many more experiences of the 'Outside Inside!'

Fun activities to do as a family 


Keeping active and fit as a family will help improve mental health, and some of the recipes are tasty AND healthy!




CAMHS peer support worker and 'Creative CAMHS' facilitator Becky is giving a tutorials how to stay creative and occupy ourselves during Covid-19. Click the logo below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

 Have you ever wanted to visit Stonehenge?

Ride on a roller coaster at Alton Towers?

Watch a performance at the Royal Ballet?

Visit the Lions at London Zoo?

Well click the logo and travel the whole country experiencing these things and more through your screen!