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Family Fun activities

Big life journal Rip off a strip activities



 Fun Activities for families to do together at home:-


Click the logo's below to access the sites where you will find exciting activities to do as a family and if you look hard you might even see some Goshawks in the New Forest !


Lots of ideas to get your children writing and drawing at home



Have you ever seen a Goshawk live in their nest ?

Well, click below for that and many more experiences of the 'Outside Inside!'

Fun activities to do as a family 


Keeping active and fit as a family will help improve mental health, and some of the recipes are tasty AND healthy!




CAMHS peer support worker and 'Creative CAMHS' facilitator Becky is giving a tutorials how to stay creative and occupy ourselves during Covid-19. Click the logo below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

 Have you ever wanted to visit Stonehenge?

Ride on a roller coaster at Alton Towers?

Watch a performance at the Royal Ballet?

Visit the Lions at London Zoo?

Well click the logo and travel the whole country experiencing these things and more through your screen!