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Year 1: Gospels

We loved sports day!

We were so inspired by Hannah Shaw's Unipiggle that we designed our own uni-something! We had unigiraffes, unicats and many more! We then went on a unicorn parade around our playground.

Hannah Shaw, the author of Unipiggle virtually visited our school to talk to us all about her book and the characters in her stories. She then showed us how to draw Unipiggle!

What a great start to Boston School Book Festival Week. We got to begin our story, Unipiggle by Hannah Shaw and we got to share stories with our grownups and friends.

Easter Raffle!

Father John joined us remotely to help us celebrate Christingle. We discussed what a Christingle is and why it is important to Christians. We then lit our candles and sang a few songs.

Ciara from BID services visited us to talk to us about visual impairments and devices that visually impaired people may use. We had a go at wearing goggles which gave us an insight into what life would be like with a visual impairment. We played a game of 'guess what is in the bag' by using our sense of touch. We then had a go at using writing guide lines, a braille machine and a long cane. We discussed that people with a visual impairment may use an iPad to help them read/hear and that they may use braille to read. We also learnt that some people have clocks and weighing scales that talk.

Children In Need 2022! How lucky were we?! We had a visit from the real Pudsey!