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This term we will continue to build on our knowledge of numbers to 10, with a focus on deepening our understanding of what those numbers really mean! We will explore how there can be many different representations of these numbers.


We will continue to build up our ability to subitise - recognise what number a group of objects represent without having to count them, by playing games with dice and becoming quicker in recognising small amounts without the need to count. Click on the link below to watch a video that helps us.


Jack Hartmann - Subitise to 5


We will be working on saying which number is one more and one less within the numbers we are learning and showing how we know this. We will do this with activities that build up this knowledge.


Our shape work will continue to develop by recognising what 2D shapes look like, comparing their similarities and differences. We are using that knowledge to learn all about 3D shape too.


We will also be comparing size and weight and exploring how big items are not always the heaviest!