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At Boston St. Nicholas, we use ‘Tapestry’ to track and record children’s independent learning. We are thrilled that Tapestry gives us the opportunity to share the children’s key moments with parents on a weekly basis rather than waiting until parent’s evenings to share it.


Tapestry allows us to make observations of your child in school, using our wi-fi tablets.  We can then link these observations to what they are achieving against the Early Years curriculum. The exciting thing is that a link to these observations will be emailed to you once they are checked in school. You can then view them in your own time and even comment on them. These comments are then attached to your child’s journal which we will also be able to see. You can also record your child’s WOW moments on here, in effect doing your own observations which will then feed into their journal and assessments.  We can both attach photos and short video clips.


Although these Learning Journals will be stored securely online all year we will share them with you at the end of the year. Please can we reassure you that apart from the Foundation Stage teachers and teaching assistants, only you can access your child’s account. Any children who do not have permission to share photos will not be pictured in other children’s journals.


When the account is set up we will upload observations and you will be able to view and comment on them. We encourage you to take an active part in your child’s learning journal by uploading your own ‘WOW’ moments. Tapestry is an excellent way of sharing your child’s achievements at home as well as in school. We hope that the system is easy to understand but if you would like a demonstration please do not hesitate to speak to one of us.