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Years 1 & 2

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 and 2 Scented Gardens’s Wow Day! We learnt that we could eat all different parts of plants from the root to the flower! We learnt about and planted herbs! We dug our new wild flower garden and drew maps of our ever growing allotment area!

After school Gardening club


During after school club we designed our very own posters to welcome and advertise our school allotment to encourage other children and staff at our school to come and have a look at we have done as well as to get involved in our school allotment. We started off by brain storming as a whole group for what heading we should have to catch people’s attention and draw them in to look at the poster. We also discussed what pictures we could draw that represent what we have in our allotment.


It was amazing to everyone’s poster and seeing their light shine.

After school Gardening club


At club tonight we decided to finish off our bird houses now that they are dry. As a club we discussed and shared ideas of what we could do to finish them off. We decided that we would go outside and collect some natural resources to put inside the bird houses so the birds can move in and make a nest. It was amazing to see everyone at Gardening club eager to learn and let their light shine. We can’t wait to see if any birds move in.

Live Music with Mr Booth!

Enjoying dancing to Mr Booth playing his Electric Guitar as part of our Beat, Bang Boogie Tooic!

Still image for this video

Bell’s Nursery Visit! It was lovely to welcome Zac from Bell’s nursery into Year 2 this week to answer some of our questions that we had about how to grow healthy plants! He should us how to plant peas and we are so excited to watch them grow! He explained to us they grow the amounts of produce they do at the nursery and even donated some lovely plants, planters and soil to help our school allotment!

After school gardening club


What an exciting Gardening Club we had today, Mrs MacRae delivered some amazing plants for the gardening club to grow such as leeks, broccoli and peas. We all had a great time working together as a team to dig little holes to then carefully plant some of our vegetables. We also had a lot of fun learning how to harvest rhubarb without damaging them. It was amazing seeing everyone’s light shine.

Year 1 Tennis Taster

Boston Tennis club visited us and taught us lots of new tennis skills.  

After school Gardening Club


What a great Gardening club we had today. We started off weeding the beds ready to plant our vegetables but halfway through the children started to show an interest in bugs especially worms! We decided as a whole group to follow the children’s lead and go on a bug hunt looking for giant worms. We found lots of them and learnt all about them through discussions. It was amazing to see the children shine their light and take a lead in what they wanted to learn about. I can’t wait to see where their interest and enthusiasm takes us next week.



Beat, Band Boogie Wow Day!

We invited Drummer Dan to spend the day with us in school. We learnt to play different beats and also tried out the drum kit and electric drums! We also learnt the Djembe drums, watched a marching band, learnt about different musical instruments and composed our own music!

We had a wonderful afternoon learning and celebrating Easter! Tammy from the Restore Church came and led a very special session, teaching us all about the Easter Story in the most perfect setting!We then had the opportunity to try hot cross buns and make our very own Easter gardens! We even had a little visit from our very own Easter Bunny!

After school Gardening club 


Today at year 1 & 2 Gardening club, we had the important job of dismantling the old bug hotel and moving it to a new area. We had lots of great discussion around why it was important to build a bug hotel and which bugs could use it. We had so much fun and we thought that the bugs needed little spa next to their hotel with an indoor swimming pool. It was amazing seeing everyone’s light shine!

Red Nose Day 2021

After School Gardening club


We had a fantastic time exploring the allotment and planting beds. We found bugs, weeds, flowers and lots of vegetables from last year. We had a great discussion and learnt the differences between weeds and flowers. This helped us to identify what we needed to take out and what we needed to keep to maintain the planting beds throughout the year.


Mrs Oliver’s Class Pets

Christmas Celebrations


Christmas this year was a little different but we managed to celebrate despite both classes being in isolation this term!  Luckily we were all back together for the last few days of term!  We enjoyed making and taking part in our virtual Christingle service, singing carols, Christmas dinner, a craft afternoon, a Christmas party and a socially distanced visit from Santa!

The Gruffalo LIVE!


We had an amazing morning watching a the London show of The Gruffalo!  It was a first look into a 'real' theatre for many of us and although it had to be a virtual experience we all got into the show and enjoyed joining in with the actors!

The Gruffalo LIVE

A trailer for Tall Stories' production of The Gruffalo based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel SchefflerFind upcoming productions at


Mrs Smith brought her pet hamster Stitch to school for us to meet.  We learnt that he is a nocturnal animal and found out what he needs to stay healthy.  We all enjoyed stroking him, looking at the things inside his cage and watching him in his exercise ball.

Mrs Smith then went into Apostles Class and let the children so they could see Stitch to. The children came up with lots of amazing questions to ask Mrs Smith about her pet!


We found out how bees make honey by pretending to be the bees and then role playing the honey making process!  We were surprised to find out that bees have two stomachs and that the bees drink the nectar and then have to vomit it back up!  After we had found out about the process we all made our own honey sandwich, practicing how to spread and cut carefully. We even received a special present from Wyberton Primary Academy of a jar of honey that they had made in their school! It was delicious!

Lego Club


Today during Lego Club we were challenged to create a resort for Batman and all of his friends! 

After-School Athletics 


Every week we have After-School Athletics club with Elite Sports. We practice lots of different things and have loads of fun whilst we are doing it! 

After-School Lego Club


Every week during the Autumn Term we can take part in Lego Club where each week we have different challenges to try and complete using Lego. This week the challenge was to make a Super Duper Top Secret Superhero Base!