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Animal Antics

This term the children will experience ‘our changing world’ in a variety of different ways. They will
make observations of animal life in the school grounds, investigate the variety of birds that visit a
school-based feeding station and learn about caring for different animals over time; from a familiar
pet cat or dog to a collection of garden snails that are housed in a classroom terrarium.

The emphasis this term, will be on first-hand experience; children exploring and investigating what is familiar that they see every day around them, for example, animals and birds in the school grounds or pet animals that they can observe first hand themselves. 


The main enquiry types in this module are observing changes over time and noticing patterns.
Children will work scientifically by making careful observations, collecting evidence and identifying
patterns in the data that they collect.  Children will communicate outcomes in a variety of different ways, for example, orally using talk tools to record their thinking, in drawings, writing, simple tables and charts.



The highlight of our science work will undoubtedly be our visit to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park where we will be able to meet many different animals and learn how they are taken care of!



Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

We had a fantastic day visiting the wildlife park meeting lots of different animals and finding out some fascinating facts!  We used our observation skills to look closely at the different creatures, making observations about their colour, size and behaviour.