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This is the story that we are continuing to learn this week. Please listen to it as often as you can so the children can start to memorise the story ready to write their own versions next week.

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

Speech Bubble Powerpoint

Speech Bubble

Tuesday - Reading Comprehension based on the story LOST and FOUND

Wednesday - to create puppets for the story and retell the story in as much detail as you can!

Friday - To use commas in a list. Have a look at the powerpoint teaching you about how to use a comma in a list. Have a go at the exercises underneath.

Then in your English books, think about the story Lost and Found. What would penguin and the little boy need to pack in a suitcase for their adventure back to the South Pole? 

Remember to use adjectives or even a expanded noun phrase!. 

Remember of what an expanded noun phrases is...