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Religious Education



This term we are continuing with learning about thankfulness but in different religions. We will focus on Judaism this term and today we will learn how to explain some key Jewish beliefs. Such as:

I know Jew believe in one God.

I know covenants are special promises between God and his chosen people.

I know mitzvot is the laws followed by Jewish people.


We that we are going to be learning about a new religion in our work this term ‘Judaism’

Ask your child  what they would like to find out about Judaism? What do they know already?

On the powerpoint and on the video they have some clues, can they have a think about what the pictures mean or what the information tells them? 


Challenge 1: Sort the pictures from the worksheet below into Jewish and Not Jewish

Challenge 2: Write down 4 facts you have learnt from watching the video or listening to the powerpoint. Draw picture to illustrate your FACT FILE!