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In Science this term, we will be diving into all things electricity! We will begin by looking at how to represent circuits by drawing diagrams using the recognised scientific symbols.  We will also be designing and carrying out investigations into some of the factors that may affect how a component functions including the brightness of bulbs, and the loudness of buzzers. 




circuit   symbol  bulb    switch    wire    cell    battery    motor   buzzer   current     voltage    



Simple Circuits:

In week 1, we will be learning the scientific symbols for the components of a circuit. We will then use this knowledge to draw diagrams of simple circuits.

Most of our lessons in this topic were spent working scientifically to understand how wire length affects how effectively a component will work. We worked on writing a plan for our investigation ensuring we were aware of how to make it fair. We evaluated our results looking back on our prediction and thinking about why we got those results. We then though about another way that might affect the effectiveness of a component and investigated how light bulbs and buzzers performed under those conditions.  The images below show an example of the full write-up of our enquiry and some pictures of us doing the experiment!

The Process of Investigation

How does wire length affect the effectiveness of a component?

How did our opinions of electricity change over the term?