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Phonics and Writing

Phonics and Writing


If you don't have children at school already you may be worried about new words that you may not have come across. Do not worry we are here to support you and your child. 'Phonics' is just the word we use to describe teaching children to read and write and you will be amazed at how quickly children acquire these skills. Below is a quick introduction into Phonics and then writing.


As adults we automatically read and write words, but we tend to say 'suh' for the letter 's' and 'duh' for the letter 'd'. Learning the sounds in this way makes it difficult when children start read, as they blend the sounds of a word for example c-a-t  cat. If are taught 'cuh,' children then find it difficult to blend the sounds together.   


We start to introduce the Phonics sounds within a few weeks of starting school and the children start to recognise and say the sounds in their pure form. Below is a video for Parents so that you can support your child as they develop their Phonics knowledge. The video is of children saying the sounds correctly.         

Prior to children connecting the written letter to the sound it makes there are lots of ways to support your child in listening and hearing sounds. A great game is I Spy. Just use simple objects around the house or when you are out and about. On a sunny day you could say "I spy with my little eye something beginning with ssssss....". If the child guesses the wrong item repeat that word  "no it's not car good guess, that begins with 'c', something with ssssss.....".


You could also play a similar game with clues, "it starts with a 'b' and is yellow and a fruit", if your child suggested a fruit of a different colour repeat the initial clues.


Find below an I Spy sheet to play.





A guide to early writing and how you can support your child as they prepare for school