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Phonics and Writing

Phonics and Writing


If you don't have children at school already you may be worried about new words that you may not have come across. Do not worry we are here to support you and your child. 'Phonics' is just the word we use to describe teaching children to read and write and you will be amazed at how quickly children acquire these skills. Below is a quick introduction into Phonics and then writing.

We follow a Phonics program called 'Read Write Inc'.



This if Fred the Frog.

He helps us when learning new sounds, and how we blend them together to read a word.

First Stages of Writing

The first stage of writing beings with the use of the correct pencil hold and using symbols to mark-make. Please do not be alarmed if your child is reluctant to write at first. There are lots of fun and exciting ways to support a child to begin writing.

My personal favorite is allowing the children to use their fingers, paint brush or stick to make marks in messy trays. These only need to be a flat tray of plate with a thin layer of flour, ketchup, or paint.

Strengthening Hands

If you find that they are struggling to hold a pencil and apply needed pressure to make marks, or they have limited control of their pencil, use fine motor strengthening activities to help build the muscles in their hands. 

Some examples of these are:

- Threading

- Puzzles

- Play dough

- Baking (such as mixing and kneading with their hands)

Writing letters

Once your child becomes more confident with holding a pencil and making marks, it's the perfect time to start introducing the letter formations to sounds that they have been introduced to. A good start would be to find the videos to support the correct formation of letters in their name. It is important that children learn the correct direction of line, and to keep their pencil on the paper when writing the letter, except from the dots and crosses in 'i' or 't'.

Letter formation rhymes

This is a fantastic video playlist to use to support your child to correctly form their letters. These are the rhymes that we use following our Read Write Inc. program, so your child will become familiar with these.

Reading and Saying the Sounds

The children will learn how to read and say new sounds within their Read Write Inc sessions. 

A great game to play to allow children to begin associating sounds, is 'I Spy'. This is a simple game that could be played in the car, at the park, or even in the shops. It helps children to begin to distinguish between the initial sounds of words that they hear.