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Topic: Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

Our topic for term 3 is 'Why do squirrel's hide their nuts?


During this topic the children will be learning about:

  • Autumn - environmental changes associated with the season
  • Winter - environmental changes associated with the season
  • Hibernation
  • Migration 
  • Animals in winter
  • Humans in winter

As part of their learning the children will read books and write about what they have found out.

They will produce creative work to show the different seasons, along with some of the animals that they learn about.

The children will engage in science based activities looking at seasonal changes in the environment, and exploring the concepts of freezing and melting.


The children painted pictures of creatures that hibernate following our learning about hibernation. They learned that animals hibernate during the winter because the weather is cold and there is not much food. The children have also learned that before animals hibernate, they eat lots of food and prepare a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

Paintings - Animals that hibernate