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Our Wonderful World


Atlas, compass, continent, equator, geography, globe, human feature, Northern Hemisphere, physical feature, settlement, Southern Hemisphere


In geography this term we our looking at the project 'Our Wonderful World' which explores the meaning the terms geography, physical feature and human feature. This essential skills and knowledge project teaches children about physical and human features, maps, cardinal compass points, and positional and directional language. We will learn about the equator, hemispheres and continents and are introduced to the countries, capital cities and settlements of the United Kingdom. We will then use our knowledge of the world and the United Kingdom to carry out simple fieldwork to find out about our local area and its physical and human features. We will be geographers by using maps, globes, a compass, study aerial photographs and conduct fieldwork in our local area. 

Physical Features:

Physical features are natural features that are not made by people. They include beaches, cliffs, coastlines, forests, hills, mountains, seas, oceans, rivers, valleys and lakes.


Have you seen any of these before?

Human Features:

Human features are made by people to help them live in a place or move around from one place
to another. They include cities, towns, villages, factories, farms, roads, bridges, houses, offices, ports, harbours and shops.


Have you seen any of these before?



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