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Welcome to the Pilgrims home on our school website. Here you will find out about everything that is going on in Year 4. Mr Gormal and Mrs Stukins work with Year 4 every day and Miss Allen works with the class every Wednesday afternoon. Please use the form below to get in touch if you have any questions and we hope to see you in school soon for our next big event!




In writing this term we are creating fantasy stories using expanded noun phrases to describe in detail. We have been inspired by some of the wonderful creatures in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them'. Next, we will be writing explanation texts to help people understand how the digestive system works as part of our 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' topic. We will also be reading, learning and writing a range of different poetry. Please try and join us all for our poetry performance at the end of term!


'Crimson red dripped from the magnificent beast's sharp talons as it malevolently scanned the earth below searching for its prey.'




We have been working hard to practice our 'VIPERS' reading skills; more information can be found here.


Please help your child to read at least three times per week in order to improve their reading skills and be in with a chance of winning our Key Stage reading raffle at Celebration Collective Worship each Friday. We have also been completing 'Reading Conferences' in class with the aim of encouraging pupils to discuss what they have read and make links between texts they have previously enjoyed.




This term has seen us exploring multiplication and division. We have been looking at the different vocabulary used to describe each operation as well as mastering mental and formal written methods to solve problems. Here's a sneak preview of an upcoming challenge for the Pilgrims Class. Have a go below if you want to check it out.



The original resource can be found on the nRich website here.




Last term we were learning about the 'Blue Abyss'. We were all so inspired by the home learning that took place around this topic. Leland led the lesson all about the ocean layers, the different depths they could be found at and the animals that inhabit those zones. Marcin, Emmie and Eleonora all shared some fantastic projects that can be found below. 



In Term 2 we learnt all about the digestive system as part of our 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' topic. We explored the journey that food takes through our bodies, adapted recipes to create healthy snacks and looked at the effect that sugary food and drinks have on our teeth. Check out some of our work below.


We couldn't believe how much sugar was in some of our favourite snacks!



We carried out an investigation to discover what effect different drinks might have on our teeth. We found that even sugar-free fizzy drinks can damage your teeth as they contains colours and acid. Even though coffee does not contain any sugar it can stain teeth because it contains chemicals called 'tannins'. We brushed our eggs and found that although we could remove some damage caused by staining we could not reverse the decay caused by fizzy drinks and energy drinks. We recommend that everyone drinks water, brushes their teeth twice daily and visits their dentist for a check-up every six months.




Last term we asked 'Why do we celebrate?' We learnt about different celebrations from different cultures and faiths throughout the world. We also learnt more about our class name 'Pilgrims' and what that means. We created footprints using paint to display around the classroom as a constant reminder of the journey we will be on together this year.



This term we are learning about the Hindu faith. We will explore Hindu celebrations and try to understand what impact their faith has on the community. We created a class frieze depicting the Hindu creation story; check it out below!



Our frieze shows the different stages of the Hindu creation story involving Brahma and lord Vishnu.


How you can help at home


Please encourage your child to read at home as often as possible. Practising times tables will help your child with some of the challenges and problems they will face in maths. Times Tables Rockstars is a brilliant way of doing this. Kelsie is currently leading the class with a rock speed of 0.90 seconds per question! She has taken nearly nine seconds off her time since we started in September and has left Mr Gormal in the dust!



Current leader, Anna Bautista AKA Kelsie.


Check out our class stats since September too, we have made a great start!



Thank you for visiting our page, please check back regularly for updates and don't forget to follow our class on Twitter @StNPilgrims!

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