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General home learning links

Make sure you are keeping safe on the internet while doing your E-learning. 

Here are some useful learning links to access for home learning.


Here are some free trials that could be useful. You can save and download resources off these sites to use after the trial finishes. Please read them carefully for cancelling any trials.


  • Fun English Games: This website promotes children’s ability to debate. More suitable for Key Stage Two.

  • Read for Good: On this website, children are able to create a short story that is fun and inspirational. From this, children can create extended adventures. This is suitable for all ages.

  • ICT Games: This website has lots of exciting games for children who would like to practise their phonics and spelling of the high frequency words.

  • Primary Homework Help: This brilliant resource covers many areas of English, such as spelling and phonics, reading, grammar, punctuation and writing for different text types

  •   This website has pictures to use to inspire writing. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

  • Top Marks: The Topmarks website is safe and used in schools around the country and is great for English activities for Key Stage Two. It has fun games and activities to complete to help learn about Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

  • Click on 'Year 5 and 6' to practice a range of spelling rules.  

  • Crickweb: The Crickweb website is great for a range of English activities for Key Stage One and Two. There are a selection of fun and interactive Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities for Key Stage One and Two.


  • Oxford Owl: Oxford Owl has lots of hints and tips for reading with your child at home. There is also access to a free eBook library of 250 books, along with suggestions for reading books and kid’s activities.

  • Love Reading 4 Kids: A great link for news on new books, recommendations and emphasising the importance of books in our modern world, where so much is digital.

  • Top Marks: This site has many links to some great reading activities including comprehension, deduction, fiction and non-fiction in a fun way.


  • BBC Bitesize - KS2These BBC Bitesize websites have a range of Maths activities for Key Stage One and Two. It has fun games and activities to complete to help learn about number, measure and geometry.

  • Maths Zone - This website covers a lot of topics from our Maths lessons. It has great resources, activities and interactive questions to answer.

  • Crickweb - This website is full of times tables questions and challenges so you can improve your speed!