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This week we continue with another week of non-fiction reading! I wonder what interesting facts we will learn this week?


Did you guess Mr Fox would have his tail shot off in Chapter 3 last week? Ouch! Listen to chapter 4 this week to find out what happens next!


This week we will read another poem from Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum by Julia Donaldson


Please photograph your work and upload it each day to

Cross Katy poem

Still image for this video

Fantastic Mr Fox - Chapter 4 by Roald Dahl

Now pick a challenge to complete...

A discussion with your adult or older sibling is fine, you do not need to record your answers on paper. 

Why did Mrs Fox lick Mr Fox?
What does Mrs Fox think the farmers will do to the children?
How did the foxes escape?

How did the family react to Mr Fox losing his tail?
What did Mr Fox do when the shovel burst through the ceiling?
How does Mrs Fox feel about Mr Fox? How do you know?

What does ‘tenderly’ mean?
Why was there no food for the foxes that night?
Is Mr Fox fantastic? Explain your answer.


If you have any non-fiction books at home choose one of your choice and read it. 


If you want to read a new book then click the link below to read Pony For a Day. This is a non-fiction book but also a recount ( this is what we are focusing on In our English writing session this week) as the character in the book tells us about her exciting day at a stable

Tuesday Activity


Write down or tell your grown up 3 facts that you have learnt from the book you have read today.


You could always try discussing these questions as well , (which are found at the back of the book.)