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Bottoms, Burps and Bile!

Open wide – let’s take a look inside. We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. Do you have a toothy grin or a winning smile? We will investigate what foods are good for our teeth and which are not so good!  After finding out which foods are the best for our teeth we will be designing our own 'tooth friendly' healthy snacks!  Using different equipment safely we will then prepare and bake our healthy snacks before evaluating them and making improvements competing in our own 'Bake off" to see who has made the heatlhiest, tastiest, tooth friendly snack!

Research Time


We invited Mr Steve, the Asda community champion, to help us with our research into what foods would be good for our teeth.  Mr Steve brought lots of different foods and some drinks too and we found out what sugar content each of the foods had.  We were shocked to learn how much sugar was in a mars bar and coca-cola!  We found out that the best foods for our teeth were the crispy, crunchy, fruit and vegetables.  Some of the healthy foods we taste tested were celery, apples, houmous with carrot sticks and Babybel cheese.  Our research showed us that the only drinks that were kind to our teeth were milk and water.



Design Criteria

Following on from our work with Mr Steve we thought about what would make a good 'tooth friendly' snack.  We worked together to create the design criteria that we could use when designing our snacks.


Our Design Criteria

1. To look appealing.

2. To taste good.

3. To have low sugar content.

4. To be healthy.


Our Designs

We looked at some recipes and thought about whether they would fit our design criteria.  We found some that we thought would be good and then adapted these to become our own recipes.  We learnt through research that some things we thought were not good for our teeth were better or worse than we thought!  Finally we worked together to design our own recipe for the snack we wanted to make.


Making our Snacks

This week we used our recipe's to make our healthy snack.  Each group worked together as a team to independently prepare their snacks.  

Evaluate and Improve

Next we tried our snacks, discussing the things we liked about them and deciding one thing we would like to change to improve them.  In our teams, we then wrote a new recipe to make our new improved snacks ready for our 'snack off' competition!


Snack off Competition Day!

This week we made our new, improved snack independently showing how we can prepare foods safely and hygienically.  We also worked together to make posters advertising our new snack products to help convince the judges that we had created snacks that fitted the design criteria.

Here come the judges!

We welcomed four judges who scored our snacks against our design criteria.  They gave points for look, taste, being healthy and being tooth friendly.  They also asked us some tricky questions and we tried to convince them why our snack should win the competition using our persuasive language.



And the winners were........