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During this term we will be learning about the religion Islam. We will be learning about key parts of the Islamic faith and about The 5 Pillars of Islam. 


Does any one know what the Central Religious Text of Islam is called? 



Today we learnt about Zakat, one of the Pillars of Islam. Zakat is one way that Muslims give money to charity every year. Muslims give to charity to help the world be a more fair place and because they believe that their money is only theirs on loan from Allah so it is right to share it with people who need it.



Today during RE we learnt about Peace. We thought about what Peace is, how we can find Peace and how we can help others to find Peace. In our groups we discussed what we though ‘You can’t shake hands with a closed fist’ meant.

Remembrance Day


During RE today we learnt what Remembrance Day is and why it is an important day. A day that we can take time to remember everyone who has lost their lives to help us.