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Independent Learning

Continue to choose your own learning if you prefer as I have seen lots of fabulous learning happening at home. If you would like some ideas see below for some tasks.


Did you have pancakes last week? Use your pan to help you learn your Tricky Words. Cut some paper circles and write the tricky words that you need to practice from the list below, a word on each side. Then flip the pan and read the word. Keep practicing. Maybe you could count how many words to can read and then write the words as you read them.



Listen to the story While we can't hug  by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar. What ideas can you use if you are missing family from the story? Paint a rainbow, blow a kiss, sing some songs or send a letter? Post photos on Tapestry to let me know what you choose.

What sounds can you make with your body?