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Independent Learning

First sing and dance along to......


Dinosaur Stomp - by Koo Koo Kanga Roo


Now can you draw some dinosaur footprints like the ones below or use little blank pieces of paper and write on the Phase 2 sounds. 


Then follow the instructions to play the dinosaur game....this will help you to learn to remember all the sounds for Phase 2.



If you know all your Phase 2 sounds play the same game, but with the Phase 3 sounds below.....happy stomping......there are a lot of new Phase 3 sounds below so maybe you could start off with just a few sounds.....choose the ones you aren't confident with to help you remember



Chinese New Year


This Friday it is the Chinese New Year. During your topic lesson on Friday you will learn all about how this is celebrated. One of the traditions is to have Chinese lanterns, follow the instructions below to make your very own lantern. You don't need a printer you can copy the template onto paper.