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Our Beautiful World


We will be looking at the Creation story of different religions. We will explore the Creation beliefs of the religions Judaism and Islam.

We will think about our own beliefs and ideas.


We will explore our natural world and think of how we can work to ensure it is safe and protected.


We will be looking at our school environment and how we can care for it.


Week 4 - we listened to a story - ‘How can we save the Earth?’ and explored the ideas in the book that we could practice in our daily lives, in and around school. We decided that we could turn of the tap when washing our hands, to save water, and to only use one paper towel at a time. We then went into our school grounds to collect rubbish, and recycled the paper.

Week 3 - following on from learning all about beliefs from other religions we discussed our own beliefs. Lots of our beliefs showed our school values, including Love, Integrity and Unity. We talked about having friends and how you should treat them and shining our lights by being. the best we can be. We talked about working together to show Unitty. We later talked about light sources and was able to name the sun, the moon and stars, electric lights and of course a lighthouse. We used the torches to cast shadows and drew around them.

Week 2 - we learnt all about the Muslim faith and listened to the Muslim Creation story. We went into our school grounds to collect seven handfuls of different coloured soil that Muslims believe was used to make man.

Week 1 - we learnt all about Judaism and then compared the Jewish Creation story to the Christian Creation story. We discovered that they were very similar. Our RE display boards shows Our Beautiful World’ in and around Noah’s Ark.