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In Year 6, our reading expectations are that children read 5 times a week. This is because reading is the gateway into understanding the world and also drastically improves standards in writing. We would encourage reading with your children as frequently as possible to develop understanding and create meaningful conversations about reading.


This term we will be reading 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien. This classic book is a must read for anyone and has heavily influenced fantasy writing ever since its publication in 1937. The book has gone on to create the popular Lord of the Rings saga in film and writing and has itself been made into a film since. This should be an exciting read for Year 6 with its high level of vocabulary and layers of adventure.





This term, we will be focusing on writing to entertain the reader as we create some engaging and powerful performance poems and use our class reading book (The Hobbit) to create some fantasy narratives about the mysterious and magical land of Alchemy Island. These narratives will test the creativity and writing prowess of Prophets class as their stories could take on a variety of directions and landscapes. 



Creating a Fantasy Island!


Today, Prophets class used homemade play-doh to create a Fantasy Island! We used our plan from yesterday and tried to recreate natural landmarks such as volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes and biomes. Swipe through to see our photos!

Year 6 Poetry Performances

Performance Poetry

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