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Years 5 & 6

33 Children and 4 staff set out for an amazing adventure and return worn out but happy and proud of their many achievements!

Videos from PGL

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Using a flint and steel to make a fire!

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Using a flint and steel to make a fire!

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Guitar Workshop - What an amazing opportunity to learn the basics of a new skill!

Mud Boy Author day with Sarah Siggs ....Inspirational!

ICE CREAM! Despite the rain, the Prophets enjoyed a Skinners ice-cream after a very sporty morning.

KS2 memorable experience visiting Skegness. WOW! What an amazing day had by Saints Class.

God And The Big Bang! Opportunities that allow all children to explore Science and Religion together.

Visit from Olympic gymnast Sam Oldham - Medal-winning gymnast, Sam Oldham, visited the school to lead the children in a variety of sports activities. Following this, Sam led the school in an assembly where he spoke of the perseverance he needed to reach his goal of representing his country at the Olympic Games.

Author Visit - Tom Palmer: We had a virtual meeting with children’s author Tom Palmer. The children were fascinated to find that Tom had been a reluctant reader and only really started enjoying reading in his late teens. We have been reading his book “After the War” so it was interesting to hear about his inspirations, his work and his advice.

RoadHOG visit

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A short singalong at the end of the Prophets’ session on the roadHOG bus. The session, focussed on community, gave the Prophets chance to reflect on what it means to be a part of a community. Through the activities planned, the children explored ideas of dependence, independence and interdependence and how sometimes we need others’ help in order to accomplish tasks.

After school STEM Club


During the STEM club this week, we had the challenge to investigate if paper and newspaper were materials that we could use to make a flag pole that could stand up. At the start everyone said that you can't make a flag pole out of paper as its not strong enough. We started off with a brain storming session to come up with different potential designs and how we could roll or fold the paper to make it stronger, next we drew our plans on some paper before constructing them. 


Just like all investigations we had to test our theories to see if we were right or proven wrong.  We found that we could build a paper flag pole that could stand up and hold the weight of a paper flag. However, we also found out that paper and newspaper was too light to withstand the outdoor elements such as rain and wind as it kept blowing over. In the end, we decided that our flag pole made from paper was more suited indoors where we can control the environment.

World Book Day 2022: Year 6 enjoyed reading some amazing books brought in by their Year 1 reading buddies. Prior to this, Year 6 had practised reading with expression in a drama activity where they acted out extracts from some of Miss Taylor's favourite childhood books.

After school STEM Club


This week we carried out the experiment part of our scientific challenge which was to build a vehicle using different size wheels. We used 2 ramps for each vehicle and the same starting points to ensure it was a fair test. After we tested each vehicle we found that the bigger the wheels, the further the vehicle travels when going down the ramp. Lacie explained to the group that the small wheels get stuck at the bottom of the ramp and on the floor.


We then went outside for a bonus challenge to see which vehicle was the strongest and would best survive a crash off a cliff. We used the top of the climbing slope at our treehouse area to see which vehicle stayed in one piece. We found the vehicle with the thicker frame survived the best. Carter said “My vehicle broke because my frame was weak.” Carter went on to say that next time, he will make his frame stronger by adding more cardboard and tape to it.

After school STEM Club


Tonight, we took part in a very exciting challenge. The children had to design and make a vehicle that can move the furthest whilst travelling down a ramp. We had some amazing team work, communication and leadership on show. Next week, we will be testing our vehicles on ramps with different types of surfaces to see which design worked best.


It was amazing to see everyone’s light shine!

After school STEM Club


This week, we set a very difficult challenge for the children. The challenge was to make a boat that could carry as many plastic cubes as possible by only using tin foil. Everyone had to design, plan and make their own designs. The winning design managed to carry an impressive 159 cubes before sinking! 


The whole STEM Club were shining their light throughout. 





After school STEM Club


What a great club we had today! We started off by discussing what a bridge was and how it works. We then separated into groups of 2s and 3s to start planning and designing our own bridges. The challenge was to build a bridge that can withstand as much weight as possible without collapsing.


Everyone worked extremely hard and came up with some brilliant ideas. I couldn’t believe how brightly everyone shone.

After school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Club


This evening, we had a very special guest called Mike from the RAF STEM Team who came in to teach us all about rockets and how to make them fire. We learnt all about how rockets work, their flight path, the aerodynamics of rockets and how angles play a massive role in how far you want it to go! 


After making our own and experimenting with length and width of our rockets we then tested them on the pressurised launch device that Mike had brought in. This involved setting how much pressure (air) we wanted inside our rockets which was acting as fuel and then tilting the rocket to the angle we wanted. We tested the rockets with lots of different angles and pressure to see which combination was the best.


Everyone had lots of fun while learning, it was amazing to see lots of enthusiastic rocket scientists in the making.


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Year 6 collaborating with Year 1 in their writing lesson discussing their learning on Neil Armstrong!

After school STEM Club


Tonight at STEM we finished off our experiment from last week. We found out that the tin foil was the overall best materials and the paper ball was the least successful one. This generated lots of conversation and debate when we sat down as a group and shared our findings.


It was amazing to see everyone’s light shine.

After school STEM Club


Tonight at our very first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Club we focused on an experiment where we had to find which materials made the best cannon ball. We tested this through a range of challenges which included height and distance. We discussed how to make the experiment a fair one, this included starting at the same starting point and applying the same pressure when firing. We had a lot of fun exploring and discussing what we were finding. We recorded our findings and then we analysed our results to work out which cannon ball was the best, using the evidence we had gathered.


Next week we will be focusing on strength and accuracy when we carry out our final tests. It was amazing to see everyone shining their light throughout.

Saints Class started the term off by seeing how easy and comfortable it was to do a lesson outside. It was agreed that even though learning outside is great, it's not always practical. Lots of children decided that our fingers easily get cold and that makes writing harder. We came to the conclusion that it was much more comfortable working in the sun as appose to in the shade. #LetYourLightShine #KeepUpTheGoodWork

After school football club.


Tonight at club, we started off with a fun warm up game called mirror tag. The purpose of this warm up is to get our bodies moving and the blood flowing. For the main section of the club, we focused on our short sprints as well as sprinting with a ball (close ball control). We discussed the importance of sprinting with the ball in a match situation and why we needed to practice this. One pupil said, “It’s so we can get past the defenders when attacking.” 


It was great to see the children understanding why we were doing this activity.


It was amazing to see everyone’s light shining!

Year 6 making Christingles for the whole school!

Our visit from the RoadHOG bus!

Our amazing visit to St Nicholas Church

Infinity Academies Trust Football Tournament