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Monday - 

Today we are going to read one of our reading spine books ...

NOT NOW, BERNARD! by David McKee

Before listening to the story predict what you think it might be about!

Not Now Bernard- Books Alive!

Books Alive! read out loud an absolute Classic by David McKee Not now Bernard.

1: Bernard's parents ignored him in the story.


How does it feel when people are ignoring us?

How should we behave when people are trying to speak to us?

How can we attract people's attention in a polite, positive way?


2: Look at the expressions of the characters in each illustration. How are they feeling?

Tuesday -Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Our story this week in both our reading lessons and our writing lessons is Goldilocks and the three bears.  Read the story above together.  Try to join in with the reading!

Today we are going to think about how the characters we can see in the pictures above and try to use our inference skills to work out how how they are feeling and why.


Look at the picture of Goldilocks.  How do you think she is thinking and feeling?  Why?  What do you think about her behaviour?


Look at the picture of Daddy Bear.  How do you think he is feeling?  Why?


When writing down your ideas try to use the word 'because' to explain why you think the character is feeling that way.


Read the story of Goldilocks below and see if you can answer the questions about the story. There are three different levels available to choose from. 



Today we are going to think about the end of the story. First, read the story together and then think about the end of the story.  What happened?  Now I would like you to think about what could've happened next!  What do you think Goldilocks did once she was chased from the cottage?  Do you think she ran home or did she get up to some other mischief?!


Draw a picture to show what you think happened next and write a few sentences to explain what you think would happen!


Well I wonder if you predicted that Goldilocks would run home to her Mum and tell her what had happened?  Goldilocks' Mum was very cross with her when she found out what she had been up to....can you think why?   

Goldilocks' Mum wants Goldilocks write a letter to the bears to say sorry.  Can you help her write her letter?  What do you think she needs to say to the bears?


We can't wait to see your letters. Send them into

Writing frame to use if you wish to.