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We will be using our Maths knowledge of numbers to 10 to build up fluency in our Maths learning. We will be securing our knowledge of these numbers to become fluent in knowing what these numbers are made up of, for example that 10 is made up of 10 1's or 5 lots of 2's.


Numberbonds to10 are two numbers that combined make the amount of 10. 

This knowledge will help up to learn all about doubling and halving. 

We will learn this in a variety of ways that follow our Topic 'What can you see in Summer?' such as exploring the dots of a ladybird.






We will be exploring fruits to cut into half and practice our 1:1 correspondence counting using the seeds.





We have been practicing counting to 20 and beyond, by counting all the children in the class and comparing it to the number on our register. We have used a numberline to 20 and have counted on from a chosen number, showing how well we know the sequences of number. We asked the questions ‘what do you notice?’ ‘what do you see?’ and wrote corresponding numbers on our boards.

We have used a range of ways to learn how to double numbers

We have used 10 frames and part-part-whole models to explore numberbonds for 10

Exploring 5 frames - subitising and counting