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Grab your skipping rope and let's get ready to warm up! 

Place the rope down on the floor and jump two feet to two feet over the rope. When they are confident with that, place the rope in a V shape so it is smaller at one end than the other. Ask them to jump along the rope from the narrow end to the wide end.

Ask: Are there any other ways that you can travel along the rope?


Skip to the beat
Learning objective: • To perform skipping moves with agility, balance and co-ordination.
Learning outcomes: • Consolidate skipping techniques.• Raise the heart rate in order to improve personal fitness.

Vocabulary: • Hopping, skipping, jumping.


Application and practice:
Encourage your child to set themselves some targets, as in the examples below.
• Perform 10 skips, then 20 skips then 30.
• Perform 10, 20, 30 skips jumping two feet to two feet.
• Perform 10, 20, 30 skips as a running step.
• Perform 10, 20, 30 skips backwards.
Challenge your child to beat their own best score.

For Kids: Jump Rope Games

Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes burns about the same number of calories as running a mile at an 8-minute pace? Talk about effective! LET'S GET FITTER!