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Week Beginning - 15/03/21

Friday 19 March


Listen to the Tricky word song for Phase 2


Listen to the Tricky word song for Phase 3


Look at the sheets below. Read the word and then write it. Can you then write again without looking? Check after you have completed them to check you have the letters in the correct order.



Can you read the sentence below and then draw a picture?


I can go to the shop.







Click on the link to listen to Five Little Speckled Frogs


Can you use your own toys to sing a song like 5 Little Speckled Frogs . Maybe it could be 5 rainbow unicorns. Can you count down as you sing?

Red Nose Day


Today is Red Nose Day, can you draw a big circle like the one below and draw your very own Red Nose. Use the pictures for some ideas.





Click on the link to move to Cosmic Kids Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams




Click on the link to take you to lots of stories on our video resource centre.


Noah's Ark stories

Thursday 18 March


Phonics oo (u) sound lesson




Collect 5 items. Can you count them? Now can you take an amount away? How many do you have left? Repeat with other amounts, talking about how many you have to start with and how many you are taking away. 


For example "I had 4 cars and I took away 2 cars and now I have 2 cars left". Write a number sentence to represent 4 - 2 = 2.




What do earthworms do?



Can you go digging in your garden and find some worms. Watch them. How do they move? Can you move like a worm? 





Wednesday 17th March


Phonics lesson - 'or' sound


RE - lesson


Independent Tasks


Can you write your name and the day today? What is the weather outside today? Can you describe it?

Look out of your window, what can you see? Can you see any shapes? Draw what you see?

Maths lesson



Topic - Guided Write



Look at the pictures above. These are people that work at night? It could be nurses looking after patients or a firefighter being called out to an emergency. Write a sentence about one of the pictures. Use the sound mat below to help you with the sounds.