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In English, we will be exploring ‘Writing to Entertain’ texts including first and third person narratives, as well as units on Remembrance poetry and a discussion text. 


Remembrance Poetry

We will start the term by looking at and creating our own Remembrance poetry. 



Upgrading our Vocabulary 

trudged    marched   sorrowful   murky   lingered  


Our first person narratives will be written in line with our exploration of the First World War in our topic lessons. The children will be tasked with writing a first person narrative from the perspective of a soldier in the trenches on the Frontline.


To develop our understanding of considering multiple factors and points of view, we will be writing a discussion text on whether Britain should have got involved in the First World War. This unit will allow the children to use the learning they have done in their Topic lessons to weigh up the consequences of Britain's involvement in the war with the possibility of what would have been if they had not been involved. 

Our third person narratives will be split into two tasks. 


The first of these tasks will be a setting description of London struck by the Blitz. The children will focus on creating atmosphere through the use of all senses to describe what is happening. 

The final piece of writing this term is a third person character description of the man from The Arrival by Shaun Tan. The pieces will focus on our descriptive, show-not-tell writing to create interest and make the reader want to read on.