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In our writing this term, we will be writing to entertain. This means our lucky children will get the chance to write and perform with the purpose of keeping the audience engaged and thrilled. Year 5 will be writing and performing remembrance poetry before exploring the world of narrative by writing in the 1st person and then the 3rd person. This term is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really express themselves and use their imagination and figurative language to bring their work to life. I can't wait to see what Saints class produce when we can combine our Britain at War topic with these exciting pieces of writing. 





Key Vocabulary

trudged    marched   sorrowful   murky   lingered  




This term our class book in Saints class is Midnight Fox


No one asked Tom how he felt about spending two months on his Aunt Millie's farm. For a city boy, the farm holds countless terrors - stampeding baby lambs, boy-chasing chickens, and worst of all, lonliness. But everything changes when Tom sees the midnight fox. He can spend hours watching the graceful black fox in the woods. And when her life - and that of her cub - is in danger, Tom knows exactly what he must do.



Midnight Fox Chapter 1