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Electrical Circuits and Conductors

Vocabulary: circuit, conductor, insulator, wire, buzzer, battery, conductive, non-conductive


Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics - Live Lessons

In the Electrical Circuits and Conductors project, we will learn about the importance of electricity to our daily lives and the two sources, mains electricity and cells or batteries. We will discuss the dangers of mains electricity and safety measures. Next, we will learn about a range of electrical components, such as cells, batteries, wires, lamps, buzzers and motors, and use them to construct series circuits, exploring the effect of adding and removing different components. The children will learn to recognise the difference between a complete and incomplete circuit and examine ways of fixing incomplete circuits. They will also learn about conductivity and investigate various materials to discover which are conductive or non-conductive. As well as this, we will find out about electrical conductors and insulators and use this knowledge to make switches and examine plugs, identifying their parts, materials and safety features. They will ask and answer research questions about incandescent light bulbs and write a scientific report. They will learn about programmable technologies and then create programs to control a set of traffic lights. Your child will use the knowledge gained throughout the project to design, make and evaluate a nightlight. They will complete their learning by discussing the future of electricity and the natural resources harnessed to create sustainable energy.