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Phonics and Writing

We will be securing our knowledge of Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds to both blend to read words and segment to write words. With this knowledge secure we will move onto Phase 4 of Phonics in the Letters and Sounds scheme.

There are no new sounds introduced, but words will become longer than the CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words we have established (eg. cat) and will be CVCC and CCVC words (eg. dump (CVCC) and stop (CCVC)). Please find below examples of Phase 4 words.


New Tricky Words will be introduced which are listed below. Please practice recognising these words by sight as they cannot be sounded out to blend and read. 




Click to listen to the Tricky Word Phase 4 song





Tricky word hunt

Room in the Broom

Is all of a plant green?