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Religious Education

This week we are continuing to look at how Christians are thankful for the world that they believe God made.

LO: To understand the Christian version of the Creation story.

LO: To explore how Christians show gratitude by looking after God’s creation.     

We will connect with beliefs about God as a creator and human beings as stewards as in they are there to look after God’s creation.

First, we will review how Christians believe the World was created and watch a short video of the creation story.

Do you think there is a reason why God created things in this order?

How do you feel about the Christian version of Creation?

Discuss how Christians show thankfulness to God and the world that he created.

Activity – you can draw and write your ideas down in your book.

How could you look after the world in which we all live?    


Next Step:

Is it just Christians who should be thankful for the world in which we all live?

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