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Our Church School Values

Summer 2 - Responsibility

Or Bible story of this term is The parable of the Talents.  In this parable, Jesus wanted to teach the people not to waste their God given talents and abilities. In the story, Jesus talked about a really rich master who gave 3 of his servants differing amounts of money to take care of while he was away. The first servant was given the most and he worked hard and doubled the money. The second servant was given a little less but he also worked hard and doubled the money. The third servant was given the least and he did nothing with the money. In fact, he just dug a hole and hid it. When the rich master returned, he was so proud of the first two servants for using the money to make more money. But, he was angry at the third servant who did nothing. Here’s the point, God gives each of us talents and abilities and he wants us to use them. He wants us to work hard to get better at those things. But, more importantly, he wants us to use them to help others and to honor him.

Parable of the Talents

Summer 1 - Love

Our collective worship value for Summer 1 is Love. We will be exploring the meaning of love and how scripture underpins the teachings of love in the Christian faith.


Let all that you do be done in love.  Corinthians 16:14

Our Bible story for this term is The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

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The Good Samaritan

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Performed by a small group of Year 5 children.
Term Spring 2 - Justice

Our collective worship theme this term is Justice. The justice revealed in the Bible is always seen in the context of love.  It includes the call to take responsibility for one another, especially the poor and oppressed, an to see that no-one is excluded from the essentials of life. 

We will consider how we can help each other in our local community by showing that love kindness.


Have you helped someone? Have you given to a charity?

Would you know where to go if you found yourself in need? 

Superbook - Let My People Go!

Term Spring 1 - Forgiveness


Our collective worship value for Spring 1 is forgiveness. During this term, we will be exploring what forgiveness really means to Christians and how forgiveness can create peace and harmony, both at school and around the world.


Have you ever done something you have needed to ask forgiveness for?

Can you forgive others that are truly sorry for what they have done?


Our school collective worship theme this term is peace. Over the course of this term we will be looking at what peace really means in Christianity and to different people from around the world.


Peace is much more than just a word and is a concept both adults and children are given rich opportunities to develop throughout their time at St Nicholas. 


What does peace look like to you?


David tries to make peace with King Saul

Our school collective worship value this term is family. During this term we will be looking at what family means to different people and how families support and care for each other.  We will explore different types of families, including biological and inherited families and consider how the supportive environment needed for our children to grow and flourish in all areas of their life, allowing them to shine their light brightly, for all to see.


How will you show your family love this term?