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Whole Class Story

Every afternoon, after lunch we will settle down to a story.

This term we will be reading ...

Amazing Grace

Grace was a girl who loved stories. She didn't mind if they were read to her or told to her or made up in her own head. She didn't care if they were from books or on TV or in films or on the video or out of Nana's long memory. Grace just loved stories. Grace loves to act out stories. She spends her time dressing up and putting on performances for her beloved Ma and Nana, usually helped by Paw-Paw the cat. Sometimes she plays the leading part, sometimes she is 'a cast of thousands' and sometimes, when they're not too tired, she can even convince Ma and Nana to join in her magical story creations.

When Grace's school decides to put on a performance of Peter Pan, Grace longs to play the part of Peter. But her classmates say that Grace absolutely can't play that part. Peter was a boy, and besides, he wasn't black... But Grace's Ma and Nana tell her she can be anything she wants if she puts her mind to it.

Pumpkin Soup


This story is about Cat, Duck, and Squirrel, who live deep in the woods in an old white cabin. Everyone has their own jobs to do when they cook, so cosy mayhem ensues when Duck wants a turn at stirring the pumpkin soup.

Off goes Duck in a dreadful huff, all alone into the wild woods, while Cat and Squirrel are left to consider what really matters to them. Eventually, after more cooking and rather a mess, they learn to compromise….or do they?