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Why do we celebrate?


 What different events/times of life do we celebrate?
 How do different people celebrate things differently?
 How does celebration relate to remembrance?


This term we will be finding the answers to these questions by exploring different celebrations in different religions and also of people with no religion.  We will investigate when, why and how different people celebrate and explore the feelings associated with the celebrations.  Perhaps you could find out about different celebrations at home!

Why do people celebrate?

We talked about celebrations that we have taken part in and others that we have heard of.  Lots of us could take about Christmas, birthdays and Easter.  Although we all celebrate the same celebrations we found out that our families celebrate them in different ways.  We did agree that it didn't matter how people celebrated it was a time to spend time together with the people we love, to eat special foods together and enjoy lots of fun!

Why do Hindus celebrate Diwali?

This week we learnt about the festival of Diwali.  We found out that it is the 'festival of lights' and not only Hindus celebrate this festival.

Why do Muslins celebrate Eid?

We carried out our own research into the Eid celebration.  During our research we also found out about Ramadan.  We were very surprised to learn that Muslims fast for 30 days and all agreed that this must be a really hard thing to do.  Some of us thought that this reminded us of the period of Lent, however we thought it would be easier to give up one thing for Lent than all food during Ramadan.