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Topic - Science - What is in the sky?



Billy and Eliza saw lots of different things when they were looking in the sky. Do you think you can see the same things at night time as you do in the day time? What might you see that are different?


Below are some pictures of things that you find in the sky and some things that you don't. You can use your own ideas or choose some of the pictures to draw onto paper, placing the items on the ground or in the sky. 

Don't forget to write your name on your paper with the correct letter formation and send a photo of your work on Tapestry for me to see. Look forward to seeing all your pictures.




Click on the link to watch - JoJo and Gran Gran - It's time to see the moon


Click on the link to watch - What does the moon do? 


Click on the link to listen to the story - On the Moon



Following on from your lesson on Monday - What is in the sky? Can you write what you can see?


Start each sentence with - I can see....... and then add what you have seen. I am looking forward to hearing all about your ideas. 


Parents, children can use the sounds that they have learned and unless it is a three letter word they may not be able to hear all the sounds in the words. Children are to write the sounds they hear then the adult can write alongside what the children were wanting to write. For example 'birds' children may hear the 'b' sound at the beginning and the 'd' or 's' at the end. Writing 'bd' or 'bds' is fine and shows me their work rather than what an adult has shown them. Encourage them to look at the sound mat to support them in matching up the sound with the correct letters.



If you would like a paper copy of the Sound mats please let me know and I can leave a copy for you in the office.