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KS1 Writing


This week we start our new unit of writing about non-chronlogical reports. You can watch the video here to help you to understand what a non-chronological report is:

To link with our topic work this term we will be writing a non-chronological report about ourselves this week!   When writing in KS1 we always encourage the children to say what they are going to write first out loud before writing it down.  We always have our sound charts to help with spelling too.  As a general guide these are what we would expect to see in the children's writing.


Year 1
  • Use a capital letter so start your sentences and for name, places and I
  • Use a full stop to end your sentences.
  • Remember your finger spaces
  • Use your sound chart and tricky words word bank to help you sound out new words.
  • Use the conjunction 'and' 
  • Make sure you write in the past tense!
  • Correctly formed letters 
Year 2
  • All of the year 1 as above plus:
  • Use a range of conjunctions
  • Noun phrases
  • A range of punctuation including , ?!' (comma, question mark, exclamation mark and apostrophes)
  • Correctly formed letters that sit on the line and have clear ascenders (tall letters) and decenders (letters

        that go below the line such a g or y).


Each day you will see the main lesson and then at least two follow up challenges.  Challenge 1 is aimed at Year 1 and challenge 2 is aimed at Year 2. However if you think the other challenge is more suited for your child then we are happy for you to select the best one for you!


Today we are going to find out what a non-chronological report is.  Read the report about Guinea Pigs below.  Talk about the text.

  • Is it fiction or non-fiction?
  • What is the report about?
  • Can you spot any of the following features as you read:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
  • Title
  • Sub-headings
  • Information divided into sections
  • Facts


Challenge 1 : Can you remember 3 facts that you learnt about Guinea Pigs when you read this report?


Challenge 2:  Can you find the introduction?  What do you think the introduction is for?  Why do you think this might be important in a report? Find the sub-headings: What do you notice about the types of sentences used?  Why do you think they have chosen to use that type of sentence?


Here is another non-chronological report example.  Read it together and see if you can spot the features again (look back to yesterday if you have forgotten what you are looking for!  

We are going to start thinking about writing our own non-chronological report.  We are going to write a report about ourselves.  What title and sub-headings do you think you might have in a report about you?  


Here are my ideas:


Title - I think I'm going to use the title "All about me!".   

Subheadings- In my report I think I might use the subheadings:


 "My family" . I could tell you all about the people in my family.

"My Pets". I could tell you about the pets I own and what their names are.

"My Hobbies" I could tell you about the things I like to do!





We are going to write our non-chronological reports.  Each day we will write a part together.  You will see Mrs Smith's work and then you can have a go at your own. Use the presentation below to help you.  You will need your plans from Tuesday!

We can't wait to see your reports!