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Harvest Around the World

Today we will explore how Christians celebrate Harvest around the world.

Multiply Your Love: A Celebration of the Harvest

A celebration of the harvest, this video is appropriate for a time of offering. Based on the 2 Corinthians 9 scripture selected for World Food Day

Do all Christians celebrate Harvest in the same way? 

Discuss last week's learning of the Christian festival of Harvest. Ask if they think Christians only live in England? Do you think Harvest is the same in all countries?

Discuss other foods that could be harvested and there for when would other countries celebrate the harvest?

Look at the painting below of Dalit Madonna. What can you see in the painting?  Discuss what you think this means.

It shows Mary and baby Jesus and is full of imagery of harvest - the main harvest, at Christmas (birth of Jesus) with gift of Jesus then all the other gifts that Christians believe God gives to them: fruit, vegetables, flowers etc