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Monday and Tuesday - Complete the task in the presentation below. Don't forget to tell the Queen about Ahmet's journey and why she should help them.


Read the river poem attached below.  Talk about the poem and what the words mean in the poem.  Are there any words you need to use a dictionary for to find out the meaning?  You could use an online dictionary in google if you do not have one at home.

Task:  Choose 3 of the words and use each of them in a sentence.



My word is belly flop which means someone has tried to dive into water but landed on their belly.


My Dad did a huge belly flop into the swimming pool and made an almighty splash of water!


Read the river poem again.  Today try reading it using expression in your voice.  Perhaps you could use some actions too!


We are thinking about the layout of the poem on the page.  Look carefully and you will see it is written differently to how we normally see writing.  Can you think why the author has chosen to do this?


Today we will be thinking about Ahmet and what it would be like for him.  Using your inference skills complete the tasks on the worksheet attached.  Really try to imagine you are Ahmet!