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Being my Best!

Vocabulary: unique, special, different, community, diversity, protected characteristics, eatwell plate, balanced diet, healthy, first aid, reuse, reduce, recycle, rot, repurpose


During this unit of learning, we think about what makes us ourselves!

This will include:

  • Identifying ways in which everyone is unique

  • Appreciating their own uniqueness

  • Recognising that there are times when they will make the same choices as their friends and times when they will choose differently



Next, we will be thinking about how keeping our bodies healthy will help us to be the best!

This will include:

  • Understand that the body gets energy from food, water and oxygen and that exercise and sleep are important to our health; 
  • Plan a menu which gives a healthy balanced of foods from across the food groups on the Eatwell Guide (formerly Eatwell Plate).

After that, we will learn that being the best means also caring for our environment including:

  • Understanding the ways in which they can contribute to the care of the environment (using some or all of the seven Rs)
  • Suggesting ways the Seven Rs recycling methods can be applied to different scenarios.

Being our best is also important when thinking about our community.

We will learn to:

  • define what is meant by the word 'community'.
  • suggest ways in which different people support the school community.
  • identify qualities and attributes of people who support the school community.


Finally, we will recap some of the basic first aid that we learnt last year in our first aid workshops!