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Gods and Mortals 


This term out Cornerstones Topic is Gods and Mortals! 


We will be starting our Topic off with an Ancient Olympics WOW Event where we will be competing in our houses in events like: Javelin, Discuss, Shotput, Relay, Sprint and long distance running. We will also be learning about where Greece is, looking at Ancient Greek artefacts, creating a timeline of the major events in Ancient Greece and learning about Ancient Greek life! 

Life in Ancient Greece


Today we researched what different parts of life was like in Ancient Greece. We used books from the library and different websites to learn all about it and then teach our classmates about it.

Where is Greece?


During today’s topic lesson we used an interactive World Map to locate Greece. We the looked at the map of Greece and pictures from different locations around Greece. We discussed what the different areas of Greece are like and found then on the map.

Ancient Greek Gods


During art today we learnt about some of the Ancient Greek Gods and explored some statues for them. We chose our favourites ready for our next Art lesson next week.

Ancient Greek WOW Event 


Today we took part in or Gods and Mortals Wow Event, an Ancient Greek Olympics in our House Teams. We took part in different events including: sprints, long distance running, relay, shotput, javelin and discuss. 


We we had a great time and are really looking forward to the rest of our topic lessons!